The Calming Effects of Whale Sounds

The calming effects of whale sounds are not merely anecdotal; they have been the subject of scientific research and exploration. Numerous studies have investigated the physiological and psychological impacts of listening to whale sounds, particularly the low-frequency vocalisations produced by species like humpback whales and killer whales. Here are some factual insights into the science […]

The Power of Stillness: Meditation Benefits for Children

The Power of Stillness: Meditation Benefits for Children   Introduction In today’s fast-paced world, where technology and distractions abound, introducing children to the practice of meditation might seem like an unconventional idea. However, meditation offers a plethora of benefits for young minds that can greatly contribute to their overall well-being and development. This blog post […]

The Benefits of Meditation for Children

Benefits of Meditation for children

Why should children Meditate? The state of Meditation or ‘going within’ can easily be achieved when we turn off any outside stimulus, close our eyes, and do nothing. Sounds simple, however, we can easily overcomplicate things. When we attach the need to succeed at meditating, or when we have unrealistic expectations of what it should […]

Simple Meditation Inspiration – Where to even start

Mediation Inspiration - Where to start

How to Start Meditating – Simple Beginnings This is the first monthly blog post titled Meditation Inspiration. In this blog we will endeavour to ignite that spark of inspiration for the practice of Meditation. There are so many inspiring teachings and Teacher’s in the world of Meditation. So, let us explore some of these and […]