Kids Voice Soft Guided Meditation for Kids
Meditate Mate was designed as a sleep aid to help create a calm and peaceful bedtime for you and your child, while also introducing the practice of meditation.Meditation has a wide range of benefits including improved behaviour, better sleep, increased focus and helps to reduce anxiety.

The struggle is real for many parents when it’s bedtime and the kids are over stimulated or just cant settle, for a range of different reasons.It can be a frustrating time not only for you and your child but the entire household.
Meditate Mate can help transmute this energy for a happy bedtime.
With a bedtime that’s calm all other areas of your child’s life can improve!

Sold Plush Meditation Toy for Restless Children
30 minute Guided meditation

The Meditate Mate Monkey comes with a 7 minute guided meditation followed by 20 minutes of soothing music to help your child relax and drift off to sleep. The meditation is spoken softly by a child and helps your own child focus on their breathing while being mindful on what they’re grateful for, promoting clear thought to aid sleep and calmness.

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Listen to the first minute of our meditation

We welcome you to listen to the first minute of our Meditate Mate meditation that comes with our Monkey. Starts with some relaxing music followed by the meditation preparing your child to breath and focus.

Listen to the last minute of our meditation

Our meditation ends with your child being mindful and grateful after relaxing with controlled breathing, followed by music.

NDIS can pay for your Meditate Mate Monkey

The Australian government National Disability Insurance Scheme has allowed customers to use their NDIS funding to purchase a Meditate Mate Monkey. The Monkey is of great assistance to parents with children who have Autism and other conditions where promoting a calm environment and promoting sleep is of great assistance to them and as such we can provide you with an invoice to submit to them for payment. To find out more please click the link below.


Customer Feedback

Your beautiful, thoughtful creation has made such a positive change in my 3yo nephew’s life 🥰 Orlando takes his meditation mate everywhere with him nowadays, I just had to say thankyou!!

Rhiannon Y / (Facebook ad Comment)

Thank you so much for creating Monkey Mate. My 7 year old grandson has had a rough few years and struggles to fall asleep. This has been a god send and he absolutely Loves his new mate. No more struggles at bedtime since MM arrived. High recommend this product.

Chantal D / (Facebook ad Comment)

Cannot recommend Meditate Mate enough. Bails got his for christmas and since adding meditation to our bedtime routine, he’s able to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder while cuddling up with his new mate. All the kids love him. 🐒🧘❤️

Sarah H / (Facebook Recommendation Page Share Feedback)

I purchased a monkey a few days ago for my 9 year old. Was a bit concerned that I wasted my money and he would be too old for this. He has fallen asleep with 10 minutes of listening and cuddling the monkey each time. Love it 🥰

AJ / (Facebook ad Comment)

I have to agree, this is the perfect present, my grandsons love their monkey, and sleep with him every night, this is one of the best gifts I have given them. 🥰

Jacob N / (Facebook ad Comment)

Absolutely amazing. We have a 5 yo and 2 yo with one each. Even taken camping with amazing success. Life Savers !!!

Amy F / (Facebook ad Comment)

Oscar the Whale

Introducing the latest addition to the Meditate Mate range Oscar the Whale. Oscar comes with a beautiful calming whale and piano sounds track. Testers report loving the relaxation, meditation and using Oscar to help get to sleep. He is suitable for all ages 0- 102. He is cuddly and huggable. Click buy now to see more about Oscar the Whale.

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Frequenty Asked Questions

There are so many benefits to meditation including:

  • Boost physical and emotional health
  • Build emotional resilience
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases focus
  • Improved sleep
  • Better academic achievement  
  • Create self awareness 

For more information please check out our blog.

Our recommended age range for the Monkey is 3-12 years old. We have found this age group really responds well to having help at bed time for a range of different reasons

No, the Monkey has the speaker and electronic components in it, we recommend that the monkey be cleaned with a warm damp cloth and then allowed to dry in the sun.

Yes we certainly do ship internationally. All our orders are shipped via Airmail at a flat rate of $35 AUD. Tracking details are supplied to customers once shipped.

The Monkey takes 3 x AAA batteries and if you use good qualities batteries you should expect to change them every three to six months. If the sound gets muffled replace the batteries. 

Once in stock all orders will be shipping within 2 working days from the time of order and tracking details will be emailed to you.

We do not offer a money back guarantee.

If your Monkey is faulty then we will replace it.

Meditate Mate was designed to introduce children to meditation.
It is very likely that your child will become calm and relaxed and fall asleep, as these are proven benefits of meditation.

It is not guaranteed to induce sleep for every child.

However all children should benefit from being introduced to meditation.

During our product development stage we found one meditation to be optimal for a sleep aid, as the repetition over time helps signal the brain its time for sleep.