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Customer Feedback

Your beautiful, thoughtful creation has made such a positive change in my 3yo nephew’s life 🥰 Orlando takes his meditation mate everywhere with him nowadays, I just had to say thankyou!!

Rhiannon Y / (Facebook ad Comment)

Thank you so much for creating Monkey Mate. My 7 year old grandson has had a rough few years and struggles to fall asleep. This has been a god send and he absolutely Loves his new mate. No more struggles at bedtime since MM arrived. High recommend this product.

Chantal D / (Facebook ad Comment)

Cannot recommend Meditate Mate enough. Bails got his for christmas and since adding meditation to our bedtime routine, he’s able to fall asleep faster and sleep sounder while cuddling up with his new mate. All the kids love him. 🐒🧘❤️

Sarah H / (Facebook Recommendation Page Share Feedback)

I purchased a monkey a few days ago for my 9 year old. Was a bit concerned that I wasted my money and he would be too old for this. He has fallen asleep with 10 minutes of listening and cuddling the monkey each time. Love it 🥰

AJ / (Facebook ad Comment)

I have to agree, this is the perfect present, my grandsons love their monkey, and sleep with him every night, this is one of the best gifts I have given them. 🥰

Jacob N / (Facebook ad Comment)

Absolutely amazing. We have a 5 yo and 2 yo with one each. Even taken camping with amazing success. Life Savers !!!

Amy F / (Facebook ad Comment)