Meditate Mate Co Owners
Guided Sleep Meditation Toy for Kids
Our Monkeys journey

We are sisters from NSW in Australia and between us we have 6 children.

As parents we have had our fair share of stressful nights of children unable to self settle or resisting sleep altogether.

When our oldest children were young we introduced them to a meditation on CD and found it to be a very calming and effective tool. The repetitive sounds and voice, over time signaled sleep and it became evident that this really worked.

Meditate Mate was born when we struggled to get our youngest kids to sleep and we no longer owned a CD player, times had changed!

We tried to send them to bed using updated technology including meditations on the internet or apps but found these to bring challenges such as taking our phones to bed or various other devices. Also the internet meditations had ads that were frequently interrupting and we found our children distracted by other content. OMG…Annoying! This was not helping.

Having experience with meditating ourselves, we decided to create an easy to follow meditation that one of our daughters voiced; we then designed a peaceful plush monkey and put the speaker box inside.

Next we put it to the test with our kids and then tested the market, we found the feedback to be fantastic, and overwhelming, we knew we had created a product that kids love and actually works!

Many meditation traditions have long described our endless thoughts as the Monkey Mind, when thoughts just continue. Introducing kids to meditation at a young age helps them to learn how to self-soothe, calm down and change the way they feel, along with many other benefits.

We hope our little monkey can help you and your family as much as it has helped us and ours.