Let Us Assist You With Your Meditate Mate

Please find below a list of questions and answers that we have received from customers who need assistance when it comes to the operation of our Monkey or fitting in the batteries correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

When purchasing our Monkey it will come with operating instructions, but in some cases when it is given as a gift these details can be lost or you just might need them again. Operation is quite simple.

  1. Under the Monkeys shirt is a love heart. Push it once to start the meditation.
  2. Push the heart again to pause.
  3. Push it again to restart.
  4. Push it again and hold to reset.

The Monkey comes with volume controls on each hand. The left hand increases the sound and the right decreases the sound. If your not noticing a volume change then the monkey is either at their max or min sound so please press the other hands volume control.

If your finding it difficult to close the battery compartment or the Monkey isnt turning on, one possible issue could be the battery compartment. Inside there is a red wire that needs to be flush inside the railing otherwise it makes the batteries pop out / not connect correctly.